• Chris Trethewey


Is your deepest desire to know Jesus? If you say yes to that question, let me ask you one more question. Are you passionately committed to living your life in reflection of Jesus?

You might want to separate these questions or put them in some type of hierarchical order. But resist this temptation. Both of these questions are intrinsically connected to each other. I also encourage you to constantly ask and evaluate these questions.

The more you know Jesus, the greater your desire to live your life in reflection of him. And the more you live your life in reflection of Jesus, the more expansive your knowledge of Jesus becomes.

Do you know what makes Jesus smile?

Do you know what angers Jesus?

Do you know what Jesus is passionate about? Do you know what Jesus values?

Do you know what frustrates Jesus?

Do you know who Jesus cares about? Do you know ... Jesus?

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