• Chris Trethewey


I must confess. The word "submit" is like fingernails being methodically dragged across the world's largest chalkboard. Just the idea of submitting generates an uneasy and nauseous feeling that I just can't get rid of. I fully realize that part of my issue, or maybe even the entire issue, is that it goes directly against my personality.

If you are familiar with the Enneagram, I am an Enneagram 8. One of the core fears for 8s is that we do not want to be controlled by others. And submitting means that someone else is in control. Yep, this is a significant issue.

I am completely self-aware of this reality, and I have spent a copious amount of time discussing this issue with God. (God continues to remind me that this is 100% my issue.) What I know is that the only way to resist the devil is to submit to God's leading, guidance, and power. And the only way to grow close to God is to completely submit to God.

Today, say this out loud: "God, I submit to you with 100% of me." And then allow God's presence to surround you knowing that he has you . . . completely.

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