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In today's society, it is easy to walk the line. We try to please everyone around us but find ourselves unfulfilled. How do we establish boundaries that equip us to walk with each other without getting walked over.

Grasp God's Love

Chris Trethewey

The most important perspective is for you to grasp God’s love for you. As you grow in your understanding of the depth of God’s love, the greater the love you will have for everyone.

Receive + Give Forgiveness

Chris Trethewey

Love demands you to receive and give forgiveness. But in all reality, one is a lot more difficult than the other.


Chris Trethewey

Jesus was clear about the immediate action we should implement when a relational gap emerges. And that action … Go.

Establish Healthy Boundaries

Chris Trethewey

Love must be the driving force to establish healthy boundaries, creating a pathway for a relationship to thrive.

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