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There is an image of life that this world is trying to convince people to live. Jesus came to model a life that leads to something exceptional.

What Are You Craving?

Chris Trethewey

There is a craving deep within you that longs to know God and have a relationships with him. Jesus is the source that satisfies the deep craving within your soul.

Who are you Following?

Chris Trethewey

There is a darkness that has engulfed this world. But there is a light that pierces and illuminates the darkest moments. Do you trust it? Are you following it?

Whose Voice Are You Listening To?

Chris Trethewey

Countless voices are desperately trying to get your attention and convince you to listen to them. There is only one voice that will lead you to life.

Who Is Leading You?

Chris Trethewey

Who are you going to follow? Jesus desires to have a relationship with you that Jesus deeply desires to know you and for you to know Him.

Who Are You Connected To?

Chris Trethewey

Jesus is the ultimate source of life. When you are connected to Him, you produce fruit that reflects who Jesus is.

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