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OCT-NOV 2022

Everyone knows the benefit of starting your day off right with a healthy breakfast. It energizes us physically for the day ahead. Just like a great breakfast fuels us physcially, starting your day with God's promises, word, and direction fuels us spiritually.



There is something about a chant, a mantra, a galvanizing statement that raises the energy of the individuals in the stadium. There is no question about who you support and want to rally around! And for the church, a gathering of people, Jesus gives us such incredible direction that amplifies our voices and links us together for God's impact.


JULY 2022

Mean people are everywhere. And they have the potential to wreak havoc in your life unless you prepare and plan now to how you will respond.


JUNE 2022

Our thoughts, wisdom, actions, and love flow out of our hearts. If we let the wrong things into our heart our whole lives can be distorted. We must be vigilant in guarding our hearts so that we can live lives that bring glory to God, set us up for success, and treat others with love.


APR-MAY 2022

Have you ever looked around and thought, “God, this world is a complete mess. Do you see it? Do you even care? What are you going to do about it?" God has a way of working behind the scenes in ways that you never would imagine.


APR 2022

It was a week that no one had anticipated, expected, or even thought possible. God's perfect plan, thousands of years in the making, was unfolding for the world to see. 


MAY-APR 2022

What is a courage? It’s been said that being courageous is being strong, unbeatable and even flawless. But when we look at the Bible, we see that courage found in the most unlikely places. As we look, we’ll see that through God we all have what it takes to be a courageous.


FEB-MAR 2022

Do you desire to have healthy and thriving relationships? You get to choose to focus on the surface issues or deep-dive below the waterline and work on the areas that will help bring healing to your broken and fractured relationships.


JAN-FEB 2022

There are seasons where God allows us to wonder and wander. It is in these moments that He is preparing us for what is next. A new season is emerging. God desires to reignite your faith that will illuminate our communities with hope and love that will draw people to Him.


DEC 2021

If you had the opportunity to script your own story, would it remotely reflect what it looks like now? There is something epic, even in the twists and turns, to see God script a story that goes against the norm.


OCT 2021

Who are you, really? It is easy to fall into the trap of wanting and pretending to be someone who you’re not. The world feeds into the “miserable me-first mentality”. Stand out and be who God designed you to be. Don’t hold on to anyone else, hold on to God.


SEP 2021

God is active and moving in the world we live in. No matter how bad it seems, hope is surging. And He has given you exactly what you need to usher in revival.


AUG 2021

Prayer is one of the most personally connecting actions that we have to grow in our relationship with God. So why can prayer, at times, feel difficult and disconnected? Jesus, fully grasping how life-changing prayer is, spent focused time and energy to teach us how to pray.


DEC 2022

The Christmas season is filled with songs, gifts, family recipes, and favorite traditions. But if you pause long enough, you realize that the Christmas story is a story of rejection that leads to a world-changing gift.



There are songs that connect, churn emotion and pose thought-provoking questions. These lyrics reveal an underlying current swirling within our culture. The encouraging reality is that God touched the world, and all that is created radiates His divine presence. Because of this, we can pair the songs of our culture with the Bible to give us life-guiding answers.

800 LB GORILLA.png


SEP-OCT 2022

The 800 LB Gorilla has the ability to impose its will on your mind and consume all of your time and attention. How do you minimize its impact and even remove it from your mental space? With intentionality, there is a path that will help you regain control over the unhealthy thoughts that dominate your mind.