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Faith is a general term we use to describe belief, but faith is so much more than just believing. Faith involves trust, action, and hope. Faith benefits the individual, the community, and others.

Faith That Shapes

Chris Trethewey

When it comes to faith, it is not a matter of how much we have, but who or what we put our faith in. Faith in the right person brings wholeness and salvation.

Faith That Unites

Ben Clark

There is an individual component to our faith, but we deceive ourselves when we do not think our faith also affects the community in which we belong. There is something powerful that happens when a community puts collective faith in a powerful God.

Faith in Action

Dan Smith

Faith requires action. In fact, faith in action has a meaningful impact on everyone. However, faith without action is NO faith at all.

A Faith That Will Not Fail

Michele Cushatt

Strengthen your confidence in God's presence and build a faith strong enough to endure any season.

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