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Joy. Is someone trying to steal it? Has it disappeared? Are you searching for it or have you given up trying to get it back? Let's rediscover the source of joy that will reshape your outlook.

Finding Joy

Chris Trethewey

Are you in a season where joy has crept away? Do you find yourself trying to find joy once again? You just might (re)discover joy in a place you never anticipated.

Fostering Joy

Chris Trethewey

When joy is released within you, it must be shared with all those around you. And this type of joy is contagious and will cause others to lean in.

Fighting For Joy

Chris Trethewey

Joy doesn’t just evaporate. Someone is usually at the center of trying to steal your joy. What are you going to do in those moments? How you choose to respond will shift everything.

[Series starting December 2nd.]

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