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Easter Sunday

Chris Trethewey

Three words that illuminated the world and caused darkness to tremble in fear. Three words that shifted attention and shook the foundation of understanding. Three words that cause hope in our world to surge … today.

Good Friday

Chris Trethewey

Good wasn’t the word anyone would have chosen to describe that day. What they saw wasn’t good. And their feelings definitely were not good. But God’s plans, even when they don’t look good, have a way of being perfectly … good.

Palm Sunday

Chris Trethewey

It was a week like no other. No one, except for Jesus, grasped what was going to unfold. And as Jesus entered into Jesus, the crowds asked a question that is foundational to this day.

It was a week that no one had anticipated, expected, or even thought possible. God's perfect plan, thousands of years in the making, was unfolding for the world to see.

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