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Storms crash into your life with a rage and fury that has the potential to leave a path of destruction and despair. Decide now how you will respond because God takes what is meant for evil and turns it for good.

Relational Ambush

Chris Trethewey

You won’t see it coming and you won’t anticipate who it will be, but you will be relationally ambushed. It is not a question of if, it is when. And when you are, you have a decision about how you choose to respond.

Temptation's Assault

Chris Trethewey

You will face moments where you have a choice of what you will do. Will you run towards temptation or run away from it? What you choose to do before you encounter these moments will largely determine what decision you make.

Unfair Circumstances

Chris Trethewey

Unfair circumstances will test the foundation of your faith. Will you allow these circumstances to crumble your faith foundation, or will you lean into God to strengthen your foundation and prepare you to surge forward?

Seek Revenge

Chris Trethewey

There is something attractive to a good revenge story. But revenge always leaves you in a constant state of anger and plants seeds of bitterness.

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