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Take The Challenge!

Take a step of trust and obedience and commit to the 90 Day Tithe Challenge!


Kickstart Journal

Kickstart your first

5-10 minutes a day fueling your mind with gratitude!

Everyone knows the benefit of starting your day off right with a healthy breakfast. It energizes us physically for the day ahead. Just like a great breakfast fuels us physically, starting your day with God's promises, word, and direction fuels us spiritually. 


Chris Trethewey

When we encounter God and His works it moves us to gratitude. Starting our day with this thankfulness satisfies and allows our actions, words, and thoughts to be shaped by the good things that God fills us with.


Casey Redmon

There are so many good things that God gives to us. All of these good things are only possible through His grace. His grace is the gift that precedes every other gift, and it's the gift that keeps giving.


Ben Clark

Through God's grace we are blessed. Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. Our blessings are not just for us to hold onto. We are blessed to be a blessing.


Dan Smith

Contentment is the state of being satisfied; ease of mind. Even though we receive God's grace and blessing, we can be tempted to become jealous of what others have. And jealousy creates a restless mind, a dissatisfied spirit. Contentment, then, eludes us.


Kim Trethewey

As we reflect upon the good things that God gives us, we are met with peace. A peace knowing that God continues to provide for, love, and watch over us.

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