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We are kicking off a new series all about relationships - CRAZY LOVE! Getting a better understanding of our relationships and our role in those relationships is something we can all benefit from! Click 'learn more' to get the scoop on what we will be learning about!

Child dedication is your public declaration to raise your child in a home that loves God and loves people. As parents, you'll commit to providing an environment that leads your child in a personal relationship with Jesus! Child dedications will be done on May 12, 2024 on all campuses and you can sign up now!

Baptism is a public symbol of you choosing to follow Jesus. It also lets others know what Jesus is doing in your life. Are you ready to take the step to be baptized?


We would love to connect with you! Fill out our digital welcome card. It'll take 27 seconds. And then we will give you an awesome TCC gift. 

We want to help you get connected to TCC! That's why we have Next Step. Sign up for the next one at your campus.

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