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Our thoughts, wisdom, actions, and love flow out of our hearts. If we let the wrong things into our heart, our whole lives can be distorted. We must be vigilant in guarding our hearts so that we can live lives that bring glory to God, set us up for success, and treat others with love.

De-escalate Before It Escalates

Chris Trethewey

Do you know a mean person? I’m sure you do. Prepare and plan now so you don’t overreact when a mean person crashed into your world.

The Listening Dilemma

Chris Trethewey

There are so many voices speaking into your life. Who are you listening to? When you encounter a mean person, you need to be cautious about whose voice you pay attention to.


Chris Trethewey

There is a best way to respond to mean people. This way is not normal and definitely not natural. But it is the way Jesus taught and modeled. It is the way that reflects His heart for you.