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Our money is actually telling a powerful and vivid story. What is your money saying? Is it the story you want it to tell? Or is there a much better story that needs to be scripted?

Who Is Your Master?

Chris Trethewey

Debt is soaring, Credit Card bills are stacking, cash flow is constricted, and financial stress is creating overwhelming tension within your marriage. Is money mastering you? You might need to choose a different master.

Who Is The Owner?

Chris Trethewey

Working-hard and being successful is good. Wealth is not bad. The ultimate question you have to answer is this: Who is the owner?

Money's Maniacal Manipulation

Chris Trethewey

Our money has mastered saying things to manipulate us into spending it all. God has a better path designed for us, leading to financial peace.

Learn Contentment

Chris Trethewey

When it comes to finances, there is always more to learn, perspectives to gain, and areas to grow in. One specific area that will be a lifelong pursuit is contentment.

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