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Jesus is the Hope of the world. And God has unleashed the church to move together with boldness to share this message with everyone.

God's On The Move

Chris Trethewey

The church is God's vehicle that he put into motion to share the greatest message of hope with everyone. Let's move boldly forward, as God is definitely on the move.

Infused With Power

Chris Trethewey

God has given the church everything it needs to thrive in a broken and fractured world. We can boldly lead because His power fuels us.

Rooted in Prayer

Chris Trethewey

Commit to being rooted in prayer. It is the one action that keeps us connected to God. We will hear his voice and experience his life-giving presence.

Fueled By Love

Chris Trethewey

The greatest gift ever given fueled the church to live with open hands.


Chris Trethewey

This world will try to do everything it can to impede the church's forward movement. But be assured that the church is ... unstoppable!

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