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Psalm 23 is by far the most recognized Psalm in the Bible. It's often quoted, and we can easily dismiss the words because of repetition. Underneath these familiar words is a message of hope and security that rests on trusting God in all aspects of our lives. 

Trusting Provision

Kim Trethewey

At the center of unrest and insecurities is the fear of not having enough or being enough. We get distracted by our wants vs. our needs. The solution is to rest and focus our minds on God’s provision- His plan for us! What we need, God has in infinite supply.

Trusting Guidance

Casey Redmon

Life can take us down some dark roads that make it difficult to trust God. However, this also allows us to keep our eyes on who is guiding us and grow our faith while we focus of our guide, Jesus.

Trusting Justice

Ben Clark

We trust that God will bring justice, but what justice are we hoping for? God calls us to seek justice by loving our enemies and not by seeking revenge.

Trusting God's Goodness

Chris Trethewey

Our trust in God continues beyond this present time in our lives. Our trust in God is anchored in an eternity resting in His presence.

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