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A Breath of Hope

Chris Trethewey

The world that surrounds you is a tragic, broken, and hurting place. It is easy to be consumed with the dire headlines and personal stories that directly impact your life. Don't lose hope! God is breathing life into this world and desires you to be part of His movement. Know this: He is asking for one thing from you.

A Promise to Rescue

Chris Trethewey

Do you find yourself in a place of life that you never thought you would end up? Is your story being scripted in a way that you didn’t expect? God promises to rescue you, but his methods and timing might not be like you anticipated. In fact, He has a habit of using your position of life to help rescue others.

A Mission Infused With Power

Chris Trethewey

The moment was intentional. The mission was clear. And Jesus with precision and passion, promised a gift that would usher in a movement that would change the world.

God is active and moving in the world we live in. No matter how bad it seems, hope is surging. And He has given you exactly what you need to usher in revival.

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