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If you feel like you have been forgotten or abandoned, know that God has a plan to restore you, and he will rescue you through his faithfulness.

Justice For All

Kim Trethewey

During Israel's exile God promises a servant that will emerge to establish justice, not only for Israel, but the entire world.

To The Ends Of The Earth

Ben Clark

The servant will restore Israel, but His restoration will not be limited to one group of people. He is too great for that. His restoration will include all nations.

On The Other Side

Chris Brooks

The servant is faithful to God, even though his faithfulness leads to suffering. We will obey God even if it leads to suffering?

This Kind Of Love

Casey Redmon

The servant suffer greatly, but out of his suffering comes the greatest act of love.

A Shift Of Expectation

Chris Trethewey

The Israelites would been awaiting with anticipation for the servant God had promised. As Jesus enters the world, their wait is over; the servant has arrived. But what they were expecting, shifted.

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