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The ROOTED prayer guide is designed to help assist you to establish a thriving prayer life and expand your relationship with a Heavenly Father who deeply loves you.

Each part covers one week and it is designed for you to go at your pace - God’s pace - the necessary pace.


Don’t rush. Don’t feel the compulsion to get it done.

Do embrace the journey & lean into God’s loving, firm, and still small voice.

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Tucked within the longest chapter in the Bible, the Psalmist writes these powerful words:

"I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you." 

Psalm 119:11

It is through the guidance of scripture, deep-rooted in your heart that has the power to transform your thinking, direct your decisions, and guide your steps. 

Read through the scriptures provided and listen to what God is saying to you. Leverage time to process and ask questions. Lean into the tension, which means God is getting your attention.

Rooted Prayer



Schedule time every day to pray. Make prayer a priority. 


Identify a space where you can focus and be diligent to remove distractions. 


Engage in a conversation with your Heavenly Father who deeply loves you and desires to guide your life. Share with God exactly what you are feeling, thinking, and facing. Don't hold back.


You don't have to use the right words or worry about using big words. Engage in a conversation like you would with your best friend. 

Rooted Journal


There is something powerful, insightful and clarifying when you write out your prayers.


Grab a journal or use a notes app. Bullet point out your prayers or write entire paragraphs. How you write is not really that important.


Try it out and just see what happens.

Rooted Tools


This prayer guide is designed with the implicit purpose to assist you in expanding your relationship with a Heavenly Father who deeply loves you.

Go at your pace. Allow God to take you on a journey that has the power to completely transform your life. 


Additional tools are provided throughout this guide to assist you in your understanding and growth surrounding prayer.

Move at your own pace and maximize each tool as you think is needed.

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