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The world has been a divisive and chaotic space where people are torn apart and conversations are polarizing. The amazing truth is that there is a different way to live. And when we do, people will lean into to a love that is based on action and focused on serving one another.

Different But Unified

Ben Clark

The world we live in is filled with polarizing viewpoints and antagonistic opinions. Division is rearing its head around every corner. This reality has the potential to not just leave you discouraged, but being an active participant. Don't lose sight on the opportunity you have to be a presence of unity in every relational circle you are in.

Get Dirty

Chris Trethewey

It it is easy to help people when it fits what you want to do. It feels good to go the extra-mile for someone when it works for you. But how easy is it for you to help someone when you don't want to or it shoves you outside of your comfort zone? Jesus was direct when it came to serving people. In fact, Jesus, after doing the unthinkable, said "I have set an example."

Set In Motion

Dan Smith

The ultimate pursuit is to give your entire self - the best you have - to one another. Just because the world is getting more and more chaotic, does not mean you can't be a bright light that reflects hope. Now that you know who you are set apart to BE and set apart to DO, let's get going!

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