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There are giants in our lives trying to intimidate and inhibit us from experiencing all God has for us. So, let's courageously face them, knowing that God is the source of our victory.

Comparison's Trap

Chris Trethewey

Comparison is a trap that lures you in and crushes your very essence. Refuse to see yourself how others see you, and start seeing yourself how God sees you.

Pride's Ambush

Chris Trethewey

The single most catastrophic destroyer of your spiritual growth comes in the form of a silent attack. Pride’s stealth ambush wreaks havoc within you and those connected to you.

Pride Slayer

Chris Trethewey

Pride, the most nefarious of all the giants, is the one giant guiding and directing all the other giants. And there is only one weapon that can be used to slay this giant.

Critic's Assault

Chris Trethewey

The words of a critic have the power to discourage, deter and destroy, especially when that critic is personally connected to us. We have to be determined to deflect the critic’s assault.

Unqualified's War Chant

Chris Trethewey

There are moments when voices chant in unison, informing us we are not enough. And it is easy to start listening to these voices and then believe their destructive chant. But it is God who whispers, “You are enough because I am with you."

Giant's Deception

Chris Trethewey

The giants in our lives are ominous and intimidating. And they are trying to convince us that victory is unattainable. But when we realize that God is with us, our outlook shifts.

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