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Dan Smith

The world's been spinning since the beginning. But will it keep on spinning and will everything, in fact, be alright? Have you been missing yesterday? What if there really is a better place?

Hold My Hand

Kim Trethewey

We can spend so much time looking in all the wrong places for peace and comfort when the storms of life crash into us. What if you could fix your eyes on the one who has command over the storm?

Deal With God

Ben Clark

Have you ever wanted to make a deal with God? We are tempted to make a deal to eliminate evil and suffering in our lives. Instead of making a deal, lean in and allow your suffering to produce strength.

Beer With Jesus

Ben Clark

God can handle whatever question we have for Him. But what happens when God questions us?

There are songs that connect, churn emotion and pose thought provoking questions. These lyrics reveal an underlying current swirling within our culture. The encouraging reality is that God touched the world, and all that is created radiates His divine presence. Because of this, we can pair the songs of our culture with the Bible to give us life-guiding answers.

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