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Our thoughts, wisdom, actions, and love flow out of our hearts. If we let the wrong things into our heart our whole lives can be distorted. We must be vigilant in guarding our hearts so that we can live lives that bring glory to God, set us up for success, and treat others with love.

Guard Your Heart

Mike Hammer

We have to be Vigilant regarding our hearts, because it is out of our heart that everything we do comes from it. That not only includes the big things, but also the small things that can lead us off target.

A Poison Called Anger

Ben Clark

Anger can blind us to making wise choices. When we make decisions out of anger, we make decisions that are hurried and without wisdom. This causes damage to ourselves and to those around us.

The Devil Can't Make You Do It

Dan Smith

Temptation, or being enticed to do something wrong or unwise, can creep up in the most unlikely of places and distort your perspectives, and therefore, your decisions. The ability to resist temptation is born out of the strength of your heart.

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Casey Redmon

Pride can make us feel invincible. Mix pride with the wrong kind of love and it might just cost you more than a broken heart!

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