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Do you desire to have healthy and thriving relationships? You get to choose to focus on the surface issues or deep-dive below the waterline and work on the areas that will help bring healing to your broken and fractured relationships.

Doing Right VS Being Right

Chris Trethewey

So much time is spent focusing on the surface issues in relationships. Choose to dive below the surface and focus on doing right.

Reflect VS Deflect

Chris Trethewey

Life is filled with decisions that will either close a relationships gap or widen it. Which one will you choose?

Forgiveness VS Bitterness

Chris Trethewey

Hurt is inevitable when it comes to all of your relationships. You can choose forgiveness or bitterness will infect every relationship you have.

Renewal VS Ruin

Chris Trethewey

God has modeled for us such a powerful pathway to healing. When a relationship is shattered by sin, you can experience wholeness again.

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