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Committed To Love First

Chris Trethewey

Do you remember that moment when Jesus intersected your life and everything changed? There is a reality that if we are not intentional, we will lose sight of what matters most to Jesus.

Fueled By Relentless Faith

Chris Trethewey

Are you having a bad day, month, or maybe year? Life can throw a relentless barrage of pain, disappointment, relational hurt, and loss at you. In the midst of it all, Jesus shares the way to walk through the darkest valley.

Grounded In God's Word

Chris Trethewey

God’s word guides, instructs, encourages, and corrects as we pursue knowing who God is. And the more you know God, the more your life will reflect who He truly is.

Moved To Action

Chris Trethewey

When Jesus changes your life from the inside out, you are moved to share your story with everyone. The Church, designed by God, was always intended to be missional.

Resolved To Endure

Chris Trethewey

Jesus was very direct about the difficulties we would face in this world. He also modeled how to overcome and be victorious even in seasons where we are called simply to endure.

There is something about a chant, a mantra, a galvanizing statement that raises the energy of the individuals in the stadium. There is no question about who you support and want to rally around! And for the church, a gathering of people, Jesus gives us such incredible direction that amplifies our voices and links us together for God's impact.

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