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The 800 LB Gorilla has the ability to impose its will on your mind and consume all of your time and attention. How do you minimize its impact and even remove it from your mental space? With intentionality, there is a path that will help you regain control over the unhealthy thoughts that dominate your mind. 


Chris Trethewey

What are you doing right now to try to escape what you are facing? Whatever it is, realize that when you try to escape it only leads you down a darker and more isolating path.


Chris Trethewey

Do you find yourself keeping everyone at arms length? You can be surrounded by people and still completely isolate yourself.


Chris Trethewey

What conversations are you having in your mind? Just because you think it, doesn't mean that it's true.


Chris Trethewey

It is easy to get your mental processing off one degree or two. And before you know it, everything is way out of wack. God takes Elijah on a journey to help calibrate his mental outlook.


Chris Trethewey

Do you feel like it? There are moments of life where what you feel and what you need to do are opposing forces. Maybe the best thing you need to do is get up, move, and take a step forward.



Take a step into professional counseling to help you experience mental health. 


Engage with a 3 episode conversation with licensed counselor Chelsea Brown. 

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Resources for parents to help guide and care for kids and teenagers.

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