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Who Are You Holding Onto?

Chris Trethewey

Who are you, really? It is easy to fall into the trap of wanting and pretending to be someone who you’re not. The world feeds into the “miserable me-first mentality”. Stand out and be who God designed you to be. Don’t hold onto anyone else, hold on to God.

Eating From The Bowl Of Now

Chris Trethewey

The desire of what you want now, in the moment, has the power to overcome what you want most, what is best. What bowl of now has you willing to give up everything?

The God Of Nowhere

Chris Trethewey

Have you found yourself in a difficult place with a daunting future? In these moments of life, it is easy to think you are all alone. Just when you think that there is no way that God will meet you in the middle of nowhere, God shows up and says, now here.

Miracle In The Middle Of The Mess

Chris Trethewey

Have you ever thought, “How in the world can God use this for good?” It is easy to get lost in the mess and miss the miracle that God wants to do.

Who You Are Becoming?

Chris Trethewey

The journey of life isn’t about everything that you have done wrong in your past and the messes that you have made. What God deeply cares about is who you are becoming. Focus on life in pursuit of God - living a life reflecting Jesus.

It was a week that no one had anticipated, expected, or even thought possible. God's perfect plan, thousands of years in the making, was unfolding for the world to see. 

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