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Do you keep striving to measure up but feel you aren't good enough? When you grasp the life-shaping truth that God created you and chose you, your entire perspective will shift. 

Chosen By God

Chris Trethewey

In a world screaming that you are not good enough and don't measure up, God says, "I chose you. Not because I have to, but because I love you."

Rescued By God

Chris Trethewey

God has gone to unfathomable lengths to rescue you because of the depth of love He has for you.

Dispatched By God

Chris Trethewey

You have been rescued from something for something. And when you grasp this, your entire life's perspective will shift.

Affirmed By God

Javy Diaz

God deeply desires to restore broken circumstances and affirm the inherent dignity of every single person.

Empowered By God

Chris Trethewey

We are not meant to take the world on alone. It takes a community leaning into God’s power to grow and flourish.

Entrusted By God

Chris Trethewey

We can't change the world. But we can impact one life - one family - one community. And collectively, as the church, we can start to change the world.

When a child chooses their sponsor,

their world is empowered.

Be Chosen.

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