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Where to Begin?

The team has created an interactive prayer guide that is in sync with the ROOTED series. This prayer guide will help you become more ROOTED in your prayer life.  Watch each part of the series while going through the prayer guide. These two components together will encourage and equip you in your prayer journey. 

Grasp A New Image

Chris Trethewey

Have you ever found yourself trying to figure out not just how to pray, but how to even start? You listen to people use big words and phrases that leave you scratching your head. On one side you want to show honor to God, yet you hear people talk about the personal nature of God. Where do you start? First, grasp a new image.

Gain A Kingdom Point Of View

Chris Trethewey

Do you find yourself praying a lot more when life crashes in? It is easy to fall into this trap, and how we pray in these difficult moments can leave you more disillusioned with God. That is why Jesus, over and over again, tried to help people to have a different point of view - to help shift their perspective. And as you do, how you pray will start to shift as well - no matter how difficult life becomes.

Grow God's Goodness

Chris Trethewey

God is a good Father who desires to help you, care for you, provide for you and walk with you. He knows what you need and is committed to helping you navigate the path He has laid out for you. He has extended forgiveness to you to cover all your sin. And in response to His unending love and grace, extend forgiveness to those around you.

Prayer is one of the most personally connecting actions that we have to grow in our relationship with God. So why can prayer, at times, feel difficult and disconnected? Jesus, fully grasping how life-changing prayer is, spent focused time and energy to teach us how to pray.


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