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Rooted Prayer

Point of View

part 2
Rooted Prayer Journey

Do you see how
God sees?

Gain a kingdom point of view.

Rooted Read

read. pray. think. pray. listen. pray. transform.


MATTHEW 6:9-10

MARK 1:14-15

LUKE 22:42

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Rooted Pray


Remember, prayer is a conversation between you and your Heavenly Father. And God deeply desires for you to be specific, to be relentless, and to gain His "kingdom" point of view. 

  • What do you need God's strength, guidance, wisdom, direction on? Be specific. Be relentless. Be passionate. Be eager to adjust to God's will.

  • Listen to what God is saying to you. Maybe "how" He is answering you might not be what you what you are asking for. 

  • Seek a Kingdom point of view that will help guide you through the most difficult seasons of life.

  • READ LUKE 22:39-46 and process how Jesus' authentic prayer can transform your entire prayer life. 

  • Process through the seemingly unanswered prayers that has created pain and separation. What new point of view is God trying to share with you? 

Rooted Journal


​IDEA 1:

Write down what you are specifically asking God to do. And then keep track of how God answers your prayers. Remember, God's timing is seldom your timing. And God's answers usually are different than what we are wanting, but His answers are always part of a much better purpose and plan. 


Jesus shared a parable about a Persistent Widow - LUKE 18:1-8.  What is God saying to you through this story? 


Read David's prayer found in 1 CHRONICLES 29:10-13. Write your own version using the words & thoughts that God speaks into your heart and mind. 

Do you find yourself praying a lot more when life crashes in? It is easy to fall into this trap, and how we pray in these difficult moments can leave you more disillusioned with God. That is why Jesus, over and over again, tried to help people to have a different point of view - to help shift their perspective. And as you do, how you pray will start to shift as well - no matter how difficult life becomes. 

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TOOLS & Resources



A Simple Guide For Normal People

by Pete Greig

Is prayer the most challenging area of your Christian journey? It doesn't have to be. 

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where is god?

It's a valid question and one that no one should feel shame about asking. One of the wonderful attributes of God is that He isn't afraid of our questions.

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God will carry you through

This is a 14 day reading plan from Max Lucado. In this reading plan, Max invites you to do the same—to let God’s message through Joseph guide you through tough times today.

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PRAYER: Does it Make a Difference

In this book, Philip Yancey explores several major quesitons. What is prayer? Does it change God's mind or ours or both? 

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-PART 2-


This free YouTube playlist is curated to help you worship as you Gain A Kingdom

Point Of View!

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