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Rooted Heart

in God's

part 3
Rooted Prayer

What has God done
for you?

Grow in God's Goodness!

God is a good Father who desires to help you, care for you, provide for you and walk with you. He knows what you need and is committed to helping you navigate the path He has laid out for you.  He has extended forgiveness to you to cover all your sin. And in response to His unending love and grace, extend forgiveness to those around you.

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read. pray. think. pray. listen. pray. transform.


MATTHEW 6:11-15

MATTHEW 7:7-12

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Rooted Pray


Remember, prayer is a conversation between you and your Heavenly Father. These guiding thoughts  are provided to help assist you.

  • What needs are consuming your life right now? It doesn't matter how big or how small. Go to your Heavenly Father who desires to care for you.

  • Jesus used three specific actions: Ask - Seek - Knock.  Specifically, ask for what you need. Don't be passive. Actively seek how God might answer your requests. And even if the door seems to be closed, knock.

  • Follow this powerful (but simple) formula for prayer: God's Will + Ask = Receive (Remember: Focusing on God's Will will help you gain a new perspective.)

  • Expect God to move in unexpected ways.

  • Pray through 1 JOHN 1:9-10  and Face It - Name It - Claim It

  • Hold on to this truth: The more you grasp your sin, the more you grasp God’s grace. The more you grasp God’s grace, the more you grasp God’s love. The more you grasp you grasp God’s love, the more you will extend that love to others. Who do you need to forgive? 

Rooted Journal


​IDEA 1:

Read 1 JOHN 1:9-10. There is something powerful when you Face It - your sin - and Name It. Go for it. Write down the sin that keeps wreaking havoc in your life. Invite God into this space and ask for His strength and guidance.  And now Claim It! Claim the freedom that comes from your Heavenly Father's grace and forgiveness. (Now, you have to move to IDEA 2!)


Who do you need to forgive? Who has hurt you deeply, and you have allowed bitterness to enter into your soul? The more you grasp you grasp God’s love, the more you will extend that love to others.  Write out who and what they have done to you. Once done, tear it up or delete the file in an act of forgiveness. 


What are the needs in your life? Write these three words on the top of your paper or note app: ASK - SEEK - KNOCK.  Now develop a list of your top 5 needs (or 10 or 20). Pray through each one seeking God's Will first. Over the coming weeks - months - years, write down all the unexpected ways your Heavenly Father answers your prayers. 

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TOOLS & Resources



Lysa Terkeurst shares how to let go of bound-up resentment and overcome the resistance to forgiving people who aren’t willing to make things right.

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Can God really forgive me?

Andy Stanley focuses in on a question everyone has asked. We all have embarrassing moments we can laugh about—later. There are shameful moments that we would give anything to undo. But while our pasts remind us, they don’t have to define us..

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Dr. John Tonsend and Dr. Henry Cloud offer insights from a biblical perspective on the topic of forgiveness. Each day of this 7 day plan will help bring you closer to God and the emotional growth He desires for you.

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In this book, Chip Ingram focuses on how many emotions lead to anger, and many emotions follow from it.

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-PART 3-


This free YouTube playlist is curated to help you worship as you Grow In God's Goodness!

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